Sehen Sucht

Identity and extibition design for the contemporary art installation about Alzheimer’s disease by Silvia Morelli, Sara Luraschi e Silvia Mascheroni.
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Europe Energy

We were contacted by Europe Energy Spa to design the launch campaign for the newly formed Europe Energy Gas and Power, the business they started in the the retail market for the sale of electricity and gas for consumers. We started from the idea of a new flux of energy coming to town. We used the shapes of the “e” of the logo to create a bright ribbon which flowed and interacted with the buildings and people around them. We curated not only the design of the posters, billboards and flyers, but also the copyright of the claim “una nuova energia in città” which translates to “a new energy in town”. We also curated the art direction of the video campaign. The campaign was held in Padova in the spring, and in Verona in the autumn of 2016.
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