REVERIE, Liberation from Work

REVERIE, Liberation from Work is a limited-edition vinyl LP produced for the exhibition ‘Danilo Correale: At Work’s End’. The last episode of ongoing research into the effects of capitalism on human subjectivity conducted by the artist. The record is a two-part audio work, created in collaboration with a hypnotherapist, which draws the participants into an imaginative future without work. For the design of the cover, we adapted a picture of an office left empty after the 2008 credit crash, applying a fluidifying effect to suggest the hypnotic sensations prompted by the artist’s performance. We intentionally used a picture with a central perspective and darkened the area around the vanishing point to emphasize escape from the work-place and the riddle of a life beyond work.
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FRONTIERA is a publication released with Marianne Noble for the eponymous cultural festival which was addressing the theme of borders and frontiers from a political and artistic perspective. The layout of the magazine plays on the idea of separation and confinement. The body text is arranged to suggest enclosure, or abruptly interrupted by misaligned titles, or inscribed in truncated geometrical shapes . The publication also included an insert with illustrations commissioned by artist Dan Pervjoski on the theme of borders.  
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