Cello Unwrapped

Kings Place is a renowned London concert hall that every year organises an “unwrapped” series that include concert and events from January to December.  We designed the identity, campaign  and a brochure for the 2017 “unwrapped” series, which was dedicated to the Cello. For the logo we transformed the word “Cello” in a typify image of the instrument.

The brief for the identity was to create a modern and elegant look and feel, for this reason we introduced bold geometrical shapes in the layout and we design a bespoke typeface.

The photos are always in black and white through all the communications materials, and the colour palette comprises of 4 colours, black, white, grey and a vibrant red that lifts and creates contrast with the pictures. We created many different digital and print materials to promote “Cello Unwrapped”, from digital signs to a tube poster campaign.

Every year the brochure content is not only the listing of the concert but also a collection of articles about the instrument, the musicians and the nature of the events that will feature in the unwrapped series. Each spread has featured images by the photographer Nick White. We worked on the art direction of the photo as well as the graphic layout of the brochure.





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