Time Unwrapped

Time Unwrapped is the tenth edition of Kings Place’s award-winning Unwrapped series.The design task for this series was challenging: time being such an abstract theme. We worked on how to portray the relationship between music and time: how music can stretch time, condense it, reverse it, organise it, atomise it, tangle with it and suspend it.
The Time Unwrapped logo conveys the idea of the circularity of time in music, but also the fact that time is something that evolves within a direction and can only move forward, therefore vortex shaped. We also created the logo and text animation for the slow motion teaser and video.
This year for the brochure we designed 8 illustrations to depict in a metaphorical way the articles’ contents: we choose the collage medium to create surreal allegorical images.

“If architecture magnifies Space, music transfigures Time” Gérard Grisey

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