Under 30s Dulwich Picture Gallery

In 2019 Dulwich Picture Gallery had introduced a new ticket price for those aged 30 and under. 
We developed the visual identity and the launch campaign for the Under 30s tickets programme.

Dulwich Picture Gallery is the world’s first purpose-built public gallery housing a collection of Old Master paintings alongside an internationally renowned exhibition programme. The building was designed by Sir John Soane in 1811 and is considered one of the greatest examples of gallery architecture in Britain. The endless sense of space created by the five rooms linked together by a series of arches and the simplified classical forms of the building have become iconic.

Our design takes inspiration from the interiors of this exquisite building. The modern shapes and the vibrant colour palette link to a young audience and our playful re-interpretation of the architecture allude to one of the gallery’s vision statements,  Find yourself in art, giving new perspectives of historical works of art. 

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